Retail Expertise
Boutique Service
Artisan Sensibilities

Dedicated to understanding your needs…

I am Doris Pietrek and you should consider me your indispensable right hand in global sourcing and product development—a right hand capable of reaching around the world to bring you back products exactly as you envisioned and ordered.

Realizing your vision…

I am as demanding as you are and highly protective of your brand, delivering products of the absolute highest quality & value. My clients can all attest to my trusted service, knowledge and attentiveness on their behalf.

Delivering you the highest quality products…

I have exceptional credentials…a degree from the London College of Fashion and 20 years of retail experience including Director of Global Sourcing & Product Development for major retailer Anthroplogie…which readily demonstrate why and how competitors cannot match me in experience and expertise.

And supporting your brand.

Superior capabilities combined with value-added retail insights make me a strategic partner and your best choice for global sourcing & product development.

“My passion was and remains beautiful products and understanding how they’re made and profitably sold.”

Unparalleled Experience & Expertise

My passion was and remains beautiful products and understanding how they’re made and profitably sold. I possess a deep understanding of 25 home categories—their product development challenges, pricing, margins and quality levels.

My Consulting Philosophy

For my entire career, first as a buyer, then as a sourcing & product development executive, I’ve adopted a global approach to retail. I’ve always looked beyond the product to the entire process required to bring it to market…business, design, manufacturing…wherever around the world that was happening.

My Global Network

Europe, Asia, India, Africa…my network of craftsmen, vendors and factories is truly global and as extensive as my travel and experience. This is a rarity in the sourcing business. Many small to midsize firms only target one region such as China, India or a European Country. Larger players can offer worldwide service, but have no real depth.

My Retail Edge

It is my retail background combined with my sourcing passion that gives my clients the valued-added services they won’t find anywhere else. It provides a strategic edge that my competitors with a sourcing background alone cannot deliver.

“As a true strategic partner, I’m as demanding and protective of your brand as you are, delivering products of the highest quality & value.”

Retail Expertise

Through my retail experience I know the challenges retailers face and offer effective solutions to address them:

Your Challenge…
Fierce Competition.

My Edge…
Product Differentiation.

Your ability to differentiate from the competition is critical, which is why I strive to provide unique product features and help develop unique collections. I can also help clients identify key competitors and more viable markets. This includes expanding into new categories to sharpen your competitive edge.

Your Challenge…
Fast Pace.

My Edge…
Faster Reactions.

I’m used to working at a fast retail pace. My extremely reliable vendor base enables you to react fast and efficiently, whether for your own needs or in response to market trends and changes. I also utilize Time and Action Calendars creating an infrastructure for success that helps ensure product delivery at the right time & the right price.

Your Challenge…
Margin Pressure.

My Edge…
More Global Resources & Supply Knowledge.

The constant pressure for better margins is another reason why I maintain such a significant global network…and know which country is best for which product in terms of pricing and lead-time. Because I have so many resources in so many regions I can help you secure the most competitive pricing without compromising quality.

Your Challenge…
Product Development Problems.

My Edge…
Early Intervention.

Product development is often complex, lengthy and detail oriented. My experience and expertise allows me to foresee problems and get them resolved sooner. There are few factory or operational issues I’m unfamiliar with and I can offer up multiple vendor options with comparative analysis, so you can make more informed production decisions.

Your Challenge…
Pricing, Prototypes & Positioning.

My Edge…
Pricing & Product Strategies.

Whether we’re developing from detailed specs or a rough sketch, my consulting begins with the prototype. From the start, I can provide you with both production and pricing assistance. My retail expertise can help you determine optimal product positioning, so any necessary design adjustments can be made prior to production. I can also help you with pricing strategies.

In almost all cases I’ve already been there and done that so you know the advice you’re getting is experienced and relevant. My value-added services for success in selling your product are unavailable from ordinary sourcing firms where once you submit a product that’s the end of it. With me, my involvement and interest are just beginning.

“I appreciate what various countries excel at—translating their traditions into the finest products that can be made within your specifications and margins.”

Boutique Service

Your Brand Is Everything

Aside from being a more strategic partner…someone who can offer you business insights and not just sourcing…I value brand development as much as product development. That’s why my service is so conscientious.

I treat your business like my own, because I’m part of your business. What we do together ultimately reflects on your brand. You won’t find that the case with bigger sourcing agents. With them you’re a number…and if you’re a small player you just won’t get constant personal attention.

Global Sourcing = Global Service

My service is also not limited to particular regions. It’s as global as I am. Wherever you need me, is where you’ll find me.

My goal is to help you manage the complete product development process from inception through import compliance & delivery without anxiety. I provide my clients peace of mind, so you can actually enjoy your product successes… successes I’m determined to help you achieve.

Close Communication and Fast Responses

My practice is lean and client-centric, tailored for close & open lines of communication and fast response times. There are no layers or bureaucracy to slow us down. The world has 24 time zones and I make myself available to my clients around the clock in all of them.

The same goes for communicating with my vendors. I am in close contact with them as well, so I know the status of all phases of my clients’ product at all times.

Strategic Consultation

A strategic partner in sourcing & development is not one stop shopping. Every client has particular needs, which require custom solutions. That’s the kind of analysis and commitment you can expect from me. Where to produce your product requires a custom solution as well.

I’ve had on-site visits with vendors in 20 countries. Most of my sourcing competitors don’t have anywhere near that kind of supply access. I also have decades of experience with 25 product categories. That gives me unique knowledge of what to produce and where in terms of category, specifications and cost.

Artisan Sensibilities

Through my international travels with Anthropologie I came to treasure the craftsmanship and traditions that individual countries were renowned for. It gave me great joy to cultivate and support the artisans responsible for creating such beauty. While many of my competitors are only interested in closing deals, I’ve always been interested in the artistry behind the products.

If aesthetics has any part in your product’s success, you’ll want to work with a sourcing partner that possesses an artisan’s sensibilities…someone who loves working to create the most striking products.

These are a sample of just some of the artistic processes it’s been my privilege to witness and immerse myself in:

Hand Knotting, Tufting and Weaving of Rugs

India, Turkey, Morocco

Glass Blowing

Italy, Eastern Europe, China, India, Thailand, Swaziland


Hungary, Italy, Portugal, China, South Africa

Printing of Textiles

Portugal, Italy, Germany, South Africa, China, India

Special Skills Like Inlay Mother of Pearl and Bone

India, Vietnam

Hand Embroidery

India, Vietnam

Metal Casting


Perfume Making


Candle Making

Spain, Portugal, Vietnam

Paper Stationery

Italy, India, China

Product Categories

I have extensive experience in sourcing over 25 popular product categories including:

Home Textiles

Carpets & Rugs / Bedding (duvet covers, pillows, shams, sheets, throws) / Decorative Pillows / Towels / Bath Rugs & Mats / Table Linens (tablecloths & napkins) / Aprons / Curtains / Upholstery

Hard Goods
Furniture (including home, business & display) / Lighting (including ceiling, wall & table) / Wall Art (including mirrors) / Picture Frames / Home Fragrance (including candles & diffusers) / Bath Toiletries / Stationery (including journals and cards) / Tabletop (Dinnerware, glassware, serve ware, decorative accessories) / Kitchen Utensils / Hardware (including hooks, knobs, doorknobs & brackets) / Garden Accessories
Apparel & Accessories

RTW / Nightwear / Bags & Scarves


I currently source and develop in 13 countries, including:

China / India / Philippines / Indonesia / Poland / Czech Republic / Italy / Spain / Portugal / Bulgaria / Turkey / South Africa / Hungary

Client List

Includes: Tory Burch Inc. / Mark Zeff Design / Jay Strongwater / Alyssa Kapito Interiors / Rose Uniacke / TK MAXX Europe / Ashley Longshore / The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Madewell / J. Crew


Doris Pietrek Consulting

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